How To Start Blogging And Making Money

How To Start Blogging And Making Money

Blogging is an easy method for making money online, blogging your way to very easier said than done, but the nice part about blogging.

You can do it without leaving your present employment. Starting e new business is not the easiest thing for anyone to do, but blogging offers a huge potential for working part-time from the comfort of your home.

There are many opportunities and a lot of business plan available to choose from similar to blogging is an excellent case in point. In order to do this, You must have a good understanding of the way you can earn money online.

First of all Choose your Blogging platfrom

You can consider building your own blog with WordPress, it is fun and fairly very easy. your WordPress blog will come with the necessary plugin. you will want to more plugin as you move forward with your blog.

Choose your Domain and hosting platfrom

When choosing a name for your website or blog, you want to choose very carefully. because it is very important for your blog, use keyword phrases for niche,

Domain name personal choice according to what is trying to do with your website. Owning your domain name is very important, as well as providing your own hosting, this way you have full control over your own blog and your destiny in your hands.

Monetizing plan for your blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog. Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and other ways. if you are in a home-based business already you might want to build your blog around your business, and sell marketing products to help others to market their business.

Targeted traffic for your blog.

For your blog to be successful, you must learn to write articles of interest and post them on a consistent basis in order to generate targeted traffic to your website. if you don’t have the traffic you can share your post on social media like Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

Are you start a blog must be you need traffic. and if you don’t have the traffic you can not get Adsense revenue and affiliate sales.

A backlink is the most important for blogging, you create some backlink related to your blog then you get more unique traffic if you don’t know about backlink you learn about backlink.

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