Website Rating: Easy Tips

Website rating is designed for the users to rate on the content of the site,the rating is usually done on scores in a scale of 1-10, yes or no, like or unlike, stars, post a comment, comparison between two pictures, in the form of feedback,

The user can place their samples but the site usually allows this to its members only and not to the visitors the visitor can also join in on the sites as they offer some extra benefits to the members like featuring on communities, social networking sites, private messaging discussion form messaging, some more optional services are dating service, and matrimonial service.

Website Rating

Website ratings are basically designed keeping in mind the competitiveness of the world wide web which is filled with many sites of different kinds offering different product or service, Website rating is designed for the users to rate on the content of the site, rating sites are typically designed to organise the rating on the attributes such as physical appearance, voice, body parts, the occupational ability, personal liking, overall personality etc…., Some of the kinds of ratings on the website ratings.

Website Rating Site

Rating sites also allow to rate on a particular body part of famous male or female celebrities like their styles of dressing makeup hair styles conversation etc….

Ratings can be done on the attractiveness of a geographic area the photos or videos are uploaded to be viewed and rated this is useful for people planning a holiday or who are fascinated by the beauty of the nature.

Rating a particular commodity

Rating a particular commodity in this the rating site offers to rate on a particular commodity like beauty products, health products etc… The viewer can rate his personal experience and also comment about the product so that it is helpful for new users to decide, and it can also be a genuine advertising policy of many companies.

Rating of a particular service

Rating of a particular service in this the rating site offers the viewer to rate on a particular service provided like gaming, tutorials, bank sites etc…

Ratings can also be done on photos of men, women, celebrities, models, cars, motorcycles, movies, stars etc…..

When you are confused or when you need to know the details of a particular site you can go through the review sites online and choose the appropriate site you are looking for which are helpful in genuine decision making but these comments or ratings cannot only be set as a base of judgementas it may not be rated in seriousness and it is not a fare sampling for the population only pictorial presentation of a particular thing cannot be considered for judging , or it may so happen that the user may comment or rate multiple times hence skewing the rating.

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