Why Is Top Ten Search Engine Ranking So Important?

Simply put, you can have the best looking site on the Internet, but if no one sees it, it doesn’t help you!

What is most important for Google ranking?

Expected visitors who are regularly searching for your product or service will automatically see your website, but only if it is listed on the first page in your category.

So, how do you  get there?
That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. that’s the most important aspect of attracting prospects directly to your website. People rarely surf past the first two pages of listings. The Internet has created an “I want it now!” mentality.

What Does It Take To Optimize?
By definition, Search Engine Optimization requires the best use of its components.  So, having said that,
what components create a truly successful website?

We target your market, then we market your target..You get all of our knowledge, expertise and tricks of the trade to target your competition, rise above their rankings and Shoot for Top 10!

Top Ten Search Engine Rankings:

High Search Engine Rankings

We know most people won’t take the time to wade through all of the listings in your category. That’s why it is imperative that your site be listed as close to the top as possible. Experts say you must be in the top thirty for the best exposure.
At techuniteds.com, we feel you should be in the top ten.

Why? Because the higher you’re ranked the more visitors you’ll get. Top ten is better than top thirty! Besides, we want you to be better than your competitors and why shouldn’t you be?

Powerful, strategically worded copy:

The copy on your website actually performs two critical functions. When people visit your web site you want to hold their attention so they’ll stay with you.

  • You need compelling copy that will persuade visitors to read your entire message.
  • The copy also has to be written so it complements the coding for ranking purposes.
  • The better your copy relates to the coding, the higher your ranking.

Do you already have a website but it’s not producing the results you want?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing a few words or repositioning the text that can make a huge difference.

Quick-loading design and layout:

Your web site can’t be cluttered with a lot of slow-loading graphics.The average attention span of the typical web surfer is 8 to 10 ten seconds.

If your site takes a long time to load, your visitor will leave you. The design and layout are only for background purposes, while copy and ranking are what will bring in the business.

The secret is simplicity and attractiveness. You don’t want a lot of fancy artwork to distract from your message! Pretty doesn’t always mean profit!

Reciprocal linking:

This is a relatively new and important criterion that search engines use for ranking purposes. With reciprocal linking, you activate a link to another website and they reciprocate and activate a link back to your website. And it’s done very carefully because
you want to link with another site that will benefit you both.

The more links you have with other websites, the more popular your site is and that is one of the most important aspects of your website that the search engines consider for ranking purposes.That said, another important component to website success is directory listings.

It’s a mystery why more webmasters don’t use such an obvious and important tool.
You want to be listed everywhere your competitors are listed as well as strategic
directories they haven’t thought of yet.

Are You Ready for Top Ten Listing:

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