ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN 2024

Are you confused among ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN? Find out my comparison covering performance, protocols, features, price and all the other factors.

ExpressVPN work as a one type of premium proxy for you means it can provides you one virtual world where you can surf anything anytime in unlimited format. This company operates worldwide and it is British based company and providing you virtual private network (vpn) service.

It is one of the most rated, trusted and reliable VPN provider. It provides a secure tunnel where you can search anything without any hesitations and gave more privacy for any online things.

VyprVPN is Switzerland based virtual private network provider having servers located worldwide. It gives you online privacy at affordable price. It is being used by hundreds of thousands of users all around the world. With the help of this secure network you can hide your IP address, generate new virtual IP to use your choice of websites and steaming services. You can get premium account to experience Kill switch and many more such features.

Comparison of ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN

Below are the in-depth comparison of both of these VPN providers. Based on that you can select either of them.

Supported Apps:

  • ExpressVPN works on all big platforms like windows , Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android. It is also compatible Xbox platform.
  • If we talk VyprVPN than its compatible with Xbox or windows user without this all things would be compatible with it.

Price Packages:

It is one of the most crucial factor that we can’t simply left alone. While picking premium VPN, price is important. Please refer below membership packages for both.


How much does ExpressVPN cost?


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It has basically two types of plan.

  • Basic subscriptions: For annually 5$ per month and monthly is 9.95$.
  • Premium plan: Annual package cost $6.67 per month when pay for whole year and monthly is 12.95$.


Performance is depending on your choice and preferences because what you want is more important,

  • Both have kill switch feature, dozens of servers, unlimited bandwidth, farewell protection, unlimited speed and p2p support.
  • ExpressVPN have NO Logs Policy, while Vypr don’t.
  • Express vpn don’t have 24×7 phone support. However they have chat 24×7 support.
  • VyprVPN have wi-fi protection which isn’t available in Express-VPN package.
  • Other side ExpressVPN support sstp protocols while VyprVPN don’t.

Security and Supported Countries

Both have a good security in their regions and both have sufficient number of servers in all over the countries with local and globally.

  • ExpressVPN supports 87 countries and having about 500 servers.
  • VyprVPN supports 52 countries and having about 700 servers.

You can also checkout ExpressVPN mod version that gives premium unlocked features free.


Mainly we can consider 4 types of protocols for any vpns so let we know what protocol which vpn are having or not,

  • Open vpn: Supported by both.
  • L2TP: Available by both.
  • PPTP: Both of them support these protocols.
  • SSTP: only ExpressVPN allows It.

Both are best in their own things. For some factors, ExpressVPN is best, while for others VyprVPN is best so we cannot judge which is best. If you are looking for affordable then Vypr is good choice. If you want VPN with more features, protocols, servers and countries then ExpressVPN is best bet.

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