PIA vs AirVPN: Best Comparison in 2024

At first, I was confused among PIA vs AirVPN. So I decided to write a comparison and review for both AirVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA).

Virtual Private Network is the most important thing in today’s online work. It helps to encrypt your data traffic, so you can browse internet anonymously. There are two types of VPN, premium and FREE. But anything comes in Free mostly have certain limitation and drawback. In case of VPN it is also true. It works like proxy but main problem is with security. Such FREE VPN provider consistently monitors your traffic and also not fully hides your online presence. If you are serious about your online activity then go for Premium VPN.

Things to Check at a Time of Buying VPN

  • VPN server locations and supported countries.
  • Types of encryption and level of security.
  • Amount of servers.
  • Min and Max speeds to use their server.
  • Bandwidth and speed restriction if any.
  • Do they log your data?
  • Price of VPN package.
  • How many devices does VPN support at same time?
  • Customer support.
  • Do they offer any additional features?

PIA is widely recognized and highly rated premium VPN provider. Their paid subscription comes with lot of features and 7 day money back guarantee. They offer highest level of security in terms of authorization, and encryption. PIA has thousands of servers located almost in every part of world. Hence you will get highly bandwidth. Apart from all that, PIA also offers DNS leak protection, VPN Kill switch, Port forwarding and small packets.

AirVPN is another good premium VPN provider. However their price is bit high as compared to PIA. It was created by group of layers, cyber security experts and engineers for ultimate cyber security. They are one of the fastest VPN in the world. Their support is good but little bit slowly as compared to PIA. They don’t offer online chat support, however they try to respond your email query in timely manner. Their servers are slightly lower than PIA but far enough than your requirement. No any maximum speed limit, so access maximum speed using their high performance servers.

PIA vs AirVPN – Which is Best VPN Provider?

We have already written much about both of them. Let’s start in-depth comparison of PIA and AirVPN.

Features Comparison

  • PIA vpn has P2P support instead of Air vpn.
  • PIA offers PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec type services and on other side AirVPN offers only openVPN.
  • Both have no any traffic logs and offer 5 simultaneous connections.
  • AirVPN don’t offer proxy, so torrenting with them is difficult. However you can do that with extra effort and tricks.
  • In AirVPN no any traffic limit or time limit to access exit-nodes instead of PIA vpn.

Price Comparison PIA vs Air

Private Internet Access VPN

Cost normally. All these three plans include the same feature

Time lengths1 month6 months3 years
Monthly rate$11.99$7.50$2.19
Total amount billed$11.99$45$79

All these three plans include the same feature


  • Around $2 for three days
  • Around $7 for one month
  • Around $16 for three months
  • Around $31 for six months
  • Around $42 for one year
  • Around $67 for two years
  • Around $85 for three years

PIA offers 7 days money back Guarantee, while AirVPN offer 3 days free trial and money back guarantee.

PIA often offer discount coupon and accept third party gift cards too. AirVPN don’t often release coupon code.


  • AirVPN have free server switches compare to PIA.
  • No any maximum speed limit, so access highest speed using their high performance servers.
  • PIA offers multiple gateways, while AirVPN don’t.


As told earlier, Private Internet Access (PIA) offers large number servers and hence gives more speed and bandwidth. However, a speed with AirVPN is considerably good and fair enough. I got 11Mbps and that is with server far away from my region.


Both PIA and AirVPN are best rated premium VPN provider. If you are looking for VPN with more features and flexibility then go for PIA. On other side, AirVPN offers highest level of security.

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