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Techuniteds.com is a place where you can find about latest news of technology, gadget/gadgets, blogging and digital marketing. We are mainly focus on web technology rather than mobile technology (like android, iPhone…). We have also started introductory course on digital marketing.  Here in Techuniteds.com Blog You can find Out the Latest Technology News and Reviews, Top 10 Technology Blogs and Digital Marketing News.

Techunited,when it comes to technology, blogging, digital marketing and influencer. We are a full stack agency specialising in web development, social media management, mobile application development and more. We are the experts in every new gadget you must know. From gadgets to tech news and reviews, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings through our social media channels. Contact us today to let us transform your business

Techuniteds is a brand which aims to help you in becoming a successful and an outstanding blogger. It is all about helping you in becoming tech savvy, blogging, building traffic and making money through that blog.

Technology, blogging, and digital marketing blog. Learn. Share. Read the latest news about technology blogs, blogging tips, web development trends, SEO news and news about WordPress.

About me

My name is Mahfujur Rahman from Bangladesh. I’m a blogger and Web Developer, I have complete knowledge about on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Also I am a blogger at my own blog and that is one of the main reasons to build traffic for my blog.

I love blogging about latest tech news, review on gadgets, tips and tricks for blogging and Web Development. Currently writing for www.techuniteds.com . I also love reading books especially about entrepreneurship, marketing and technology.

I also build WordPress-based websites and blogs for businesses. I’ll build a beautiful, unique and easy-to-manage website that will make your company shine online. Team up with a professional web designer in Bangladesh who specializes in WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3 to design an extraordinary website that your business will be proud of.

I like to learn new things. Currently working as a full-stack web developer, web designer, and digital marketing analyst. Over years I’m working on large-scale mass websites like directory listing sites or blog networks. You can find my articles here: [ www.techuniteds.com ]

And here I share all my blog related tips and tricks. I hope you liked my work. Please follow me 🙂 Instagram and twitter, linkedin.