Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO For Affiliate Marketing Blog in 2023

When you start working as an affiliate, you may have to make an early choice. The question is whether to use “Black hat SEO” or “White hat SEO”.

Simply put, it is either building an asset-type site or mass-producing perasite. That’s right, choosing black or white will greatly change the way affiliates do after that.

If you ask me what I think about black hats vs. white hats, I think it doesn’t matter which one.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a method of sending a self-made link from a satellite site or a free blog to the target site to rank the search results. Of course, you have to create a lot of satellite sites and blogs, so it takes time, but on the other hand,

if SEO measures are successful, there is an advantage that the search results will rise to the top soon. Google prohibits the black hat SEO method, and if you violate it, you will be penalized. Therefore, how to send a link naturally (how to mock google) is an important point.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a method to get a natural link without intentional SEO, or to post an article that is conscious of the long tail and bring the search result to the top.

It is very difficult to get a natural link, and it will not be displayed at the top until the site grows up, but on the contrary, once it is evaluated by Google, it will be possible to display it at the top for a long time.

SEO For Affiliate Marketing

Looking at affiliate-related blogs, I see quite emotional articles such as “Black hat SEO” is no longer possible because it receives a penalty from Google, or “Black hat SEO” should be stopped because there are only more garbage sites. Sometimes,

I feel that the black hat method is now treated as a bad guy. On the contrary, “White Hat SEO” seems to be becoming a trend that is good for users as sites and blogs full of content are displayed at the top.

Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO Techniques

When actually searching for information, it is a fact that there is a garbage site with only unit affiliate links on the pera page, and it can be annoying. However, there are cases where it is not always the case that you can really find the information you are looking for even if you look at the sites that are created and displayed at the top with the content keywords of White Hat SEO in mind.

It can be difficult to find where the information you are looking for is in the article, even though it is ranked high by the desired keyword, or you may be disappointed by the irrelevant

information. In many cases, a Perapage site that allows you to quickly get to the information you are looking for is much more useful.

Affiliate site Rank without original content:

Google has long publicly started that “affiliate sites without original content or added value” will lower the search ranking as a violation of Google’s guidelines. On the contrary, whether it is a content-type site or a pella page,

if the site is created by an article that summarizes the information that the user is looking for with facts and solid thoughts, even if it is a pella page. Doesn’t it mean that even the site will be displayed at the top? No, it must be displayed at the top. Because it is useful information for the user.

Generate More Than Affiliate Sales

I often see ranking sites on the top page. The product information may be copied, but the ranking will be unique information that the publisher has investigated and added value, so it will be useful information for users who want to purchase the product.

It should be good for the user to simply give the information that he / she wants to know to the top, but if the ranking does not come to the top just because it is a pera site, it may damage the value of the user. If even if you create a valuable top page,

It will not be evaluated by Google and will not be displayed at the top, Black Hat SEO is to deliver valuable information to users on the assumption that you are confident in the site you created. I think it’s okay to go proactively. In other words,

I would like Google to do its best so that valuable content can be displayed at the top even if it is a pera page, without having to link to the self-made performance.

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