How to Become a Web Developer in 2023

If you want to learn web development where you even start I will teach you seven easy steps that you can follow to become a world-class web developer before getting into the 7 easy steps to become a web superstar please complete read and share this. 

(Beginner Roadmap) What is a web development?

  • How Website Work 
  • Front-End and Back-End 
  • Code Editor

Basic Front-End

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript


  • Package Managers
  • Build Tools
  • Version Control

Additional Front-End

  • SASS 
  • Responsive Design
  • Javascript Frameworks

Basic Back-End

  • Server
  • Programing language
  • Database

Step 1.
Start the very first step is I call is a baby newborn baby you need to start with very very basics and if you know where to start with you can go to any size like W3Schools or I highly recommend or if you want to use the mobile app definitely go to the programming Hero mobile app just go to the Play Store Android or iOS and download this app programming Hero write the code and save it they are and then after that spend a few more days to explode HTML5 css3 these are the baby steps you are becoming a baby of a web developer and this is your first step

Step 2.
Second step and I call is a web team that is your become a teenager in the field of a web developer and to become a team you can still use slider W3Schools or you can use free code camp for programming Hero mobile app and their your first task is to explore bootstrap responsive so that the website you make it fits nicely in a tablet mobile for an even in a laptop so explore the posts tagged with some website using bootstrap and then start exploring basic JavaScript JavaScript is the heart of any website.

Without JavaScript website will not work most of the cases to explore the JavaScript understand all the fundamental parts like in a string array or conditionals look function and objects those things and then Explorer little bit more about so some problems for example are you find the longest number in an array or higher to reverse an array or maybe you merge two array or maybe Universal is trying to learn doors and explorer as many problems as you can solve because you are a teenage web developer every world is fun for you to find different resources explore it and build something with JavaScript and bootstrap life is awesome

Step 3.
I call is the restaurant you need to be a little bit stronger about web development and to strengthen that you need a lot of extra things and the very first thing you need Visual Studio is awesome ID variable write your code and you can use a lot of fun extensions that explore in it may be some other linking to or maybe some other extensions that you can get like a pretty 5 or few other things down the line you will need to learn and then load maybe and p.m. so that you can use much more fun stuff in your project is are the tools that will make your little bit is stronger

Step 4.
How are you are becoming a detective you’re looking inside, for example, you learn JavaScript you want to learn what underneath and why it is asynchronous you are using the browser but you want to go a little deeper what is Dom how you can modify step on the browser and also you can be worth something and at the bottom part of your browser,

You will explode something called F2 and inside the depth to you can do a lot of things change takes you changed some style you can we will explore JavaScript Candy bar gate and you need to see what are the different types there how to use those are very very useful things that you need to explore

Step 5.
I call is a web-based smart are you aren’t we can very much loan on the fantastic person in your friend’s group DTU become smarter you need to know the smart thing and the smart thing about JavaScript is like es6 for the new things in the USA flight and arrow function maybe how to use new templating maybe have you do destructure or maybe the class or default variables.

What has spread operator all these things you need to explore not only that you want to become even smarter than you need to learn any model JavaScript Framework, there are three most popular and angular don’t go with angular because these are for the old people you are smarter don’t go with Angular and the view is another Shiny things but there is that much job it in the market with Vue JS

So I personally recommend going with the reactor because this is my most favorite and this has the highest number job this is the easiest want to learn and this is the most light what is true when you do the API that means that your calling something in the back end for example if you are a restaurant in your order some food and somebody goes to the kitchen and brings the food in your home may be your mum or your grandma whoever goes to the kitchen the food that means they are going some request and then bringing some information and eventually did.

Step 6.
Step number 6 is over now you need to become to connect with other people may be have some romantic dating and this day theme party will date with packet so you are a front end web developer guide but you still need to send some romantic message to the back-end that is true if so why do the API that means that your calling something in the back-end.

For example, if you are a restaurant in your order some food and somebody goes to the kitchen and brings the food in your home made your mum or your grandma whoever goes to the kitchen the food that means they are going some request and then bringing some information and eventually displaced those and how do you fix those Aur meri how use async await to get those what is promise this kind of thing and the back and part of you’ll explore at least basic part of node Express because I recommend node Express because there in JavaScript that makes a light is here and there is still whatever your learning in the front and you can still use those and then go little bit be on learn about Mango debate baby how to host something in MongoDB Atlas of some other places API Mangal about some other cases but you need to explore at least basic database that creating love exploring the staff and if you’re into modern stop you can think about draught Tube well

Step 7.
Your final step number 7 is webs superstar and to become a with superstar you don’t only develop your application you need to know how to host those for that purpose you will look something called who will go there and learn how to deploy something shadows Tum how are you connect and deploy there and not only that you will no some other key features for example how you will use over at that could be like a zero order to be firebase auth for you are the things you can use the social login system life Gmail login office book locking and those kind of things then also you learnt other things that have you can you get a payment gateway are you can write unit test and maybe you’d be starting looking for IT jobs ABCD 2 explore some CSS basics baby what is data structure what is algorithm or maybe you will just search for frontend interview questions and soft doors and stud networking so previously made love with backend developer now it’s time to have a romantic relationship with the recruiter Meri hiring manager those people so that we can hire you for a job to these are the seven steps to become white superstar but this is the part.

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