How to Use iMessage On iPhone and PC in 2023

How to Use iMessage On PC in 2023: Using Facebook Messenger and whatsapp is great to use but Apple’s messaging app iMessage is one of my best choice to use across on most of the devices. If you are looking to download and install imessage on PC you can read this complete article here. You might be wondering that is there any way to use imessage on PC, so yes it is you can use iMessage on PC 

We have decided to help our readers who are looking to read articles upon imessage on windows.

We hope that there must be a direct way to use imessage on PC but unfortunately it is not and you need to follow certain steps before using imessage for PC. Though to use iMessage in your Computer, you need to have macbook in order to take advantage of this method.

How to Use iMessage on PC:

STEP 1: Before work upon this method you need to make sure that you have a Macbook with iMac and another PC with windows as well

STEP 2: Now you need to download and install Google chrome on your PC, Along with that you also need to get Chrome RDP as well on both of the computersi

How to use iMessage on PC Step by Step

STEP 3: Once you installed it, all you need to do is launch the application

STEP 4: On your Mac desktop you need to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

  • chrome remote desktop host installer

STEP 5: Once you download it you need to install the same chrome remote desktop client on your Macbook as well

  • install chrome remote desktop on macc
  • continueto install chrome remote desktop host

STEP 6: You have setup the user credentials when you access the Remote desktop client on your Windows, now below you need to enter the same credentials here as well

And the software will get installed on your Macbook

With the help of chrome remote desktop, one can access your computer using chrome browser or chromebook as well without affecting the security of other apps as well. This method will help you to access imessage on PC.

STEP 7: Use the code to connect both of the PC and you will get your job done

With the help of iPadian app on your windows computer, you can run IOS apps on your windows system without any issues. The emulator features Standalone Adobe air application. It could be very handy for the folks who want to test or play around with iOS apps on their Windows device.

How to Install iMessage on PC Method 2:

In order to download iMessge on Windows PC, you can follow this method:

STEP 1. Firstly you need to install ipadian emulator that will help you to run virtual IOS Apps on your windows PC.

STEP 2. Now you need to install its .exe file on your PC

STEP 3. Once you download and install it, you need to the same emulator in your PC

STEP 4. Accept all the terms and conditions given in the statement

STEP 5. You need to process the emulator in your PC and once it is done, you need to launch the ipadian emulator on your PC

STEP 6. Now you can search imessage in the search bar of your system

STEP 7. Once you find the app you need to install the app in your PC.

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